Platinum Partner

Algorisys, a startup with over 6+ years of industry experience, is a comprehensive technology consulting firm with IBM Gold Business Partner status for Software Sales and Services across India and South Asia. With a focus on Software Solutions, Mobile Applications, and Business Analytics solutions, Algorisys aims to help organizations gain a competitive edge and secure their future by providing cutting-edge tools and services for insight-driven business plans at reasonable costs. By empowering individuals to think bigger, learn more, and accomplish more, Algorisys is revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Associate Partner

Knowledge Lens: A Rockwell Automation Company, a digital technology consulting and solutions provider, providing industrial artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability, and digital transformation solutions to manufacturers and enterprises across the globe. Leveraging data science, analytics, and cloud, Knowledge Lens helps clients accelerate their journey towards autonomous manufacturing. Knowledge Lens offers AI-driven intelligent applications addressing manufacturers’ needs across the industrial lifecycle by unifying human and machine intelligence across edge to cloud driving sustainable business outcomes.

Exhibit Partners

BiofuelCircle Private Limited, founded in 2020, is India’s first and one-of-its-kinds digital platform for biomass and biofuels. BiofuelCircle can ensure an uninterrupted supply of cleaner fuels from an established online marketplace with features like deal with verified sellers, take decisions based on automatic platform generated quality ratings.

BiofuelCircle aims to help businesses grow by creating new opportunities in the Farm-to-Fuel ecosystem, simultaneously enabling a circular economy for agro-waste, generating rural empowerment, and reducing carbon footprint.

Qsutra® is the sole authorized partner & Only Certified Training Provider of Minitab in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal! Minitab helps businesses increase efficiency and improve quality. Organisations around the world use Minitab® Statistical Software, Companion by Minitab® and Quality Trainer by Minitab® to find meaningful solutions to raise performance and drive innovation. We share our customer’s commitment to excellence; our goal is to help them achieve it. Our constant endeavor is to provide the best tools & related services like Training, Statistical Consulting to Manufacturing, Pharma & Service industries.